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Confirming The Truth

The Only Private Investigation Service in New Zealand Specialising in Polygraph Tests

If you are looking for a secure way to ensure correct information, trustworthy results and answers to your questions, then you can trust in Lie Detector New Zealand. We use the latest computerised “polygraph” equipment to conduct testing with all testing conducted by a fully trained and certified examiner. The process is professional, private, and confidentiality is assured.

40 Years of Investigative Experience

A locally owned and operated business based in Christchurch, Lie Detector New Zealand is run by chief polygraph examiner, Barry Newman. Barry is a former police officer and is currently a licensed private investigator and certified forensic psycho-physiology examiner (polygraph examiner).

Barry is the only private investigator in New Zealand who is qualified and able to offer this unique service. He also holds qualifications in basic and advanced Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT) with the polygraph and is an associate member of the American Polygraph Association (APA).

You can rest assured you will receive expert service and results as Barry has over 40 years of investigative and interviewing experience. Contact Barry today and he can answer all your questions about his history and the services that he provides.
Man taking a lie detector test

What is a Lie Detector Test?

The “lie detector” is the common name given to the “polygraph test”. The tests provided are ideal for any situation involving issues of honesty and integrity whether it be for individuals or the corporate and business sector.

The polygraph test is based on key pertinent questions asked of a subject which only require a direct yes or no answer.  During a test the subject’s physiology is monitored and movements in his/her cardio activity, electro dermal activity and breathing are recorded on a moving computerised chart. These charts and data are subsequently analysed to make a determination as to truthfulness or deception.

The time for the entire test process will vary and is dependent upon the complexity and number of issues to be addressed. Typically 1.5 hours can be expected for 2 series of tests.
Lie detector polygraph

A 3 Stage Test

Accused preparing for polygraph test
Pre-test interview – consent forms are signed and general information is obtained from the subject. The polygraph process and equipment is explained to the subject; all questions that are intended to be asked during the polygraph test are formulated and reviewed with the subject. There are no trick or surprise questions. No questions will be asked in a test that have not been discussed, fully reviewed and agreed upon with the subject.
Lady during polygraph test
The polygraph test – at the commencement of this stage the subject will have the polygraph components attached to their body on the outside of their clothing. These components include two pneumographs, cardio cuff and finger sensor cuffs. The actual test follows an acquaintance test and contains the key question (issue to be addressed). The test is run a minimum of three times. The process is repeated for additional key questions.
Polygraph chart during polygraph test
Chart analysis – at the completion of the testing stage the subjects charts will be analysed and a report subsequently prepared containing the result.

Accuracy of the Tests

Over the last few decades, polygraph tests have proven to be one of the most powerful, robust and useful scientific tools and investigative aid in relationships, criminal and civil investigations, pre-employment and personnel screening.

Lie detector testing using the polygraph has been in use in the United States for almost one hundred years and is now widely used throughout the world. It is routinely used in almost all major investigations in advanced countries employing this forensic tool.
Whilst nothing is 100% accurate, the polygraph - at 96% - ranks much higher than other investigative aids such as DNA, Fingerprinting, hand writing and witness evidence.
Man's finger connected with polygraph test wire
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