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Lie Detection Technology Services for New Zealand

If you have questions and need an honest answer, a polygraph test may be your solution. With 96% accuracy this method is used for forensic science and serious criminal cases so you can be sure to trust in our services. The lead tester Barry Newman has over 40 years of experience in Police and PI combined and is the only Private Investigator in New Zealand that offers lie detection technology services.

Services Provided

Lie detector New Zealand cover areas of trust for:
  • Relationship issues
  • Employment and screening
  • Sexual abuse cases
  • Criminal cases and civil subjects
Relationship issues

Relationship Issues

In today’s numbers approximately 1 in 2 relationships end in divorce. While there are no statistics as to why this happens, it is fair and reasonable to assume that infidelity will play a large role in these break ups. This could be happening to you.

Lie Detector New Zealand specialise in polygraph tests for all types of relationships where honesty and integrity have become an issue. Often there is no real physical evidence and no witnesses to confirm your suspicions. In these circumstances a polygraph test will obtain the answers that are unobtainable from regular methods of inquiry. Answers can be confirmed to those questions which only the deceptive person has knowledge of.

Conversely, being falsely accused in any circumstance can damage many a good relationship whether it be domestic or in business. A polygraph test not only identifies the deceptive but will also vindicate the truthful and innocent.

Pre Relationship screening is now very much in demand especially by those considering any long term commitment to another. You may have met the new person in your life via the internet or through friends but do you really know who it is you are allowing into your life? Are they who they portray themselves to be?

You would not buy property or make a major financial investment without seeking advice or conducting due diligence - a prudent person would also do the same with regard to their relationship. After all it is your future, your entire life and family that you are going to share with this person.
Investigator consulting with clients

Employment Screening and Maintenance

The polygraph is particularly effective in cases of financial and other material losses, where an internal investigation can easily and discreetly determine the level of involvement of the tested employees.

The main function of the polygraph when introduced as a preventive measure, is to reduce the risk of disloyal behaviour and abuse of official positions, which can lead to significant material and financial losses for the employer. Testing current employees at regular intervals will assist in the deterrence of dishonesty, detrimental behaviour and ultimately improve the performance and moral of your organisation.

The practical usage of the polygraph in the recruitment of employees can range from verifying the accuracy of the information provided in CVs to detection of behaviours not suitable for getting a certain position.

Screening is essential to all businesses and should form part of any human resources risk assessment and/or recruiting policy. With over 25% of job applications containing a substantial untruths or embellishments regarding matters of qualifications, work history, internal theft or fraud, drug use and convictions, your company is exposing itself to unnecessary risk. By screening key applicants with the polygraph we can help you recruit the right personnel to ensure the security and integrity of your business.
Accused finger connected with polygraph machine
Polygraph chart

Sexual Abuse

Whether you have been a victim and been disbelieved or have been falsely accused of a sexual offence, a polygraph examination will help you validate your own allegations and help refute those false allegations against you.

Criminal and Civil

Theft at home or in the workplace is a relatively common event and often remains undetected or unresolved. If you have been falsely accused or you suspect someone of theft or fraud, a polygraph test can confirm your truthfulness or confirm the level of involvement of the suspected person.

Frauds within an organisation account for millions of dollars annually. An unscrupulous employee can pass vital data to a business competitor, hide illegal processes or delete vital data which could cripple your business. If you suspect such a person, a polygraph test of that suspect will help you.

Injury disability claims or work related injury claims are also responsible for millions of dollars in fraudulent claims each year. It is easy for the claimant to sign a written document declaring everything is truthful regarding their injury claim, when in fact it may not be. Medical experts are often duped by the deceptive claimant and there might be no witnesses to verify such an injury claim. A polygraph finds the answers that only the deceptive claimant has knowledge of.
Lie detector meter showing result
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